Disgusting Pizza Spitting Video Leads to Criminal Charges

20-year-old charged with 90-day misdemeanor, 4-year felony for spitting on pizza at Comerica Park


CCN Executive Editor

DETROIT —  The Comerica Park concession stand employee who went viral spitting on pizza has been arrested. The 20-year-old man (Jaylon Kelly) was arranged Tuesday morning in a Detroit court room after being charged by the Wayne County  Prosecutor's Office with a 90-day misdemeanor and a four-year felony related to food law violations.

Social media posts of a video captured by Kelly's former co-worker was viewed thousands of times on the internet. The individual who posted the video said he was fired for "taking too many bathroom breaks" during his shift and he wanted to expose Kelly.

Comerica Park officials said the company that operated the concession stand fired Kelly and disposed of all the food at the concession stand where Kelly worked after learning about the video.

A not guilty plea was entered on Kelly's behalf by the court and he was ordered to undergo testing by the Detroit Health Department for infections diseases, including Hepatisis A which can spread through food contamination. Michigan has an outbreak of Hepatitis A in recent months.

A $100,000 bond was set for Kelly.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy issued a statement to the media after her office charged Kelly, saying, "The allegation in this case is disturbing on so many levels. Yesterday I literally refused to order food. We all want to make sure all food that we order is clean, safe, germ-free, and unadulterated with any substance that should not be there."

A probable cause conference is scheduled for Kelly on Oct. 3 with a preliminary exam set for Oct. 10. Both hearings are scheduled before Wayne County 36th District Court Judge Lydia Nance-Adams.

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